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McAfee™ Total Protection

Protection for Today’s Security Needs, So You Can Enjoy Life Online

McAfee Total Protection comes with every Connexion connected home – free!
With Fort Collins Connexion internet service, not only are you getting the fastest speeds in town, you also get the added security of McAfee Total Protection absolutely free.

With all the devices that help power your family’s day-to-day, it’s hard enough to keep track of all of them, let alone protect them. With a single McAfee Total Protection subscription, you can safeguard up to five devices without skipping a beat and most importantly, without slowing your family down. Install McAfee Total Protection across 5 of your devices including: Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android smartphones and tablets!

Total Protection Features:

  • Defend against viruses, ransomware and online threats
  • Steer clear of danger online with web safety tools
  • Remove junk mail before it reaches your inbox
  • Look after your kids with Safe Family
  • Manage your passwords with Password Manager
  • Protect your privacy with secure storage
  • Other useful tools offered by McAfee are also included: Anti-Spam plugins, McAfee QuickClean Tool, McAfee Shredder Tool, and Vulnerability Scanner.

To get your free subscription and protect your devices now, contact our Technical Support team at 970-207-7873 or

McAfee Safe Family

Easy to Use Features for Parents

Activity Feed: Stay Up to Date with Your Kids at a Glance

View your kid’s device activity from application and website access to current location and checked-in places.

Rules: Set Limits for Apps and Websites

Safe Family starts you off with pre-defined age-based rules that you can customize based on your kid’s needs.

Map: Know Where Your Kids Are at All Times

Locate them on a live map and receive automated notifications the moment they enter or leave familiar places like a school or the library.

Requests: For Every Rule There is an Exception*

Collaborate with your kids by allowing them to request extra app time or access blocked apps or websites.

*Not currently supported on iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any purchases to have this service?

Connexion customers never need to purchase a license renewal. Licenses will ‘auto- renew’ at the end of every 12 month license term.

How long is it free? How long do I have my license?

This McAfee license is free for all Connexion customers and is availble as long as you have Connexion service. It doesn’t need to be renewed as our licenses are set to auto-renew each 12-month period.

When registering your license for the first time, you will be asked to put in their credit card information for ‘easy auto-renewal’ after a 12-month expiration period. This can be ignored.

In the McAfee App, there is also a visible ‘counter’ telling you how many days before the license expires, with the ‘helpful’ link to go and purchase renewal. This can be ignored.

What if I need more than 5 devices?

Our licenses are not limited to 5 devices. If you are seeing errors limiting your device count, please reach out to our Technical Support Team at 970-207-7873.

What types of devices are compatible?

Visit the McAfee System Requirements page here for a list of compatible devices: System Requirements.

Can I use McAfee Safe Family on a Mac?

Unfortunately, Safe Family is currently not available on Mac computers, but can be utilized on IOS and Android devices.

Does McAfee Total Protection remove viruses?

Once McAfee Total Protection is installed, you’ll be able to scan for viruses and quarantine/remove them.