Digital Access Equity Program

Building our own broadband network allows us to reinvest in our community and make internet service available and more affordable for all residents. Fort Collins is committed to providing reliable, affordable, gigabit speed internet service for our entire community by offering a more affordable digital equity rate without a reduction in quality or speed.

We will work directly with current income-qualified residents and invite individuals and families who believe they qualify to apply for the program. Income-qualified residents can expect direct notification of service and availability once Connexion service has been turned up in their neighborhood. Income qualified residents can expect direct notification of service and rate availability as Connexion is available in their community.


It’s easy for qualified households to sign up for reduced-cost Internet assistance at $19.95/month. This includes:

  • 1 Gbps upload & download speed
  • Free WIFI
  • No data caps
  • No contract required
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Free installation
  • 24/7 local technical support

Additional Connexion TV, phone and other services are available at regular prices.


If you currently participate in a City income-qualified program and you live in an area where Connexion service is currently available, then you are eligible for discounted Connexion internet service and will be notifed once Connexion service is available in your neighborhood.

Digital Access & Equity in Our Community

The online application for the City’s soon-to-be-launched Digital Access & Equity program will serve as a footprint for the future development of a single point of entry to all of the City’s income-qualified programs.

Code for America’s Community Fellowship program has employed technologists to work in close collaboration with the City to develop the online application and income verification portal which will be available in English and Spanish.

Development of an Online Application: Code for America

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