About Fort Collins Connexion

Fort Collins Connexion is a municipal broadband utility that was created by and for our community – and our sole purpose is to improve life and business in Fort Collins through better, more affordable internet.

Connexion offers the fastest internet speeds available with symmetrical multi-gig service, unmatched reliability, all at an affordable price and with no long term contracts. Additionally, we offer competitive phone and TV services.

Our investment in building out a 100% fiber network ensures that Fort Collins is future-proofed; this investment was an investment into the future of our community.

​​Even before working from home was the norm, Fort Collins leadership recognized that traditional ISPs were not providing Fort Collins residents and businesses with the bandwidth they needed to thrive in the 21st-century economy. In 2015, the City began exploring options to meet the needs of its residents with the following goals:

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Keep Fort Collins competitive and viable for businesses and residents of all types.

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Ensure affordable and reliable internet access for all households and organizations.

Connecting Fort Collins to What Matters Most

The Fort Collins community voted in favor of establishing Fort Collins Connexion to deliver residents and businesses the fastest, most reliable internet service available. Connexion lets Fort Collins stay connected to the world while keeping resources in our community.

The Connexion Advantage

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Built for the Community, By the Community

Connexion is a unique and better broadband service, owned and operated by the City of Fort Collins. We’re here because our residents and businesses asked for better internet service at the ballot box in 2017. We’re here to help bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone in our community is connected to what matters most.

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Unmatched Reliability

Fort Collins Connexion provides unmatched reliability, with symmetrical service that is every bit as fast for upload speed as download speeds. Our high-speed, fiber network offers Fort Collins an internet service to meet your needs for today and tomorrow.
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A Platform for Growth

Aligning with a community’s needs means providing a platform for growth and innovation. Connexion’s speed and reliability unlocks the potential for businesses to grow, attracting more businesses to our community and creating more jobs for our community members.
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Customer-First Policies

No data caps, overage fees, or long-term contracts. As the internet and connectivity permeates more and more of our daily lives, internet service shouldn’t come with an extra fee for use. Your data and history are 100% private with Connexion as we will never sell customer information to a third party.
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Consistent Value

Connexion does not offer bait-and-switch, promotional pricing. Our consistently affordable pricing is in place to help our City innovate and thrive, and your investment in Connexion is an investment in the future of innovation for our community.
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Better, Local Service

Our customer service and technical support teams are based right here in Fort Collins. When you’re working with us, you’re working with a neighbor!

Our Story


November 2015

With 83% of the vote, Fort Collins voters overturned SB152, permitting the City to investigate providing high-speed internet access as a municipal service.

December 2015

The City Council directs staff to investigate both risk and market demand. Feedback indicated residents were interested in high-speed reliable internet with good customer service.

November 2017

Fort Collins voters approve a ballot measure by 57% to add telecommunications to the City’s Utility Charter and fund a fiber build.

November 2018

Fiber network construction begins.

August 2019

New customers begin subscribing to Connexion services.

Estimated December 2022

Connexion is available to every home and business in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Connexion Background & Documents

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