Installing your Connexion Service

Once construction has been completed and you have received your notification postcard or email, you are eligible to sign up for Connexion gigabit speed internet, phone and Connexion TV service!

To get started, call our Customer Service team at 970-212-2900.

When you sign up for Connexion service, you will also schedule your installation. The installation is a two-step process:

Number 1
Pre-installation – bringing the fiber from the network in the street to your home
Number 2
In-Home Installation – Bringing the fiber into your home and setting up your service


A few days prior to your scheduled installation time, our crews will pull fiber from the street to your home. You do not need to be home during this process and typically the pre-installation takes less than two hours to complete.

Our installer’s vehicles will be clearly marked as a Connexion Approved Contractor, so you know exactly who will be doing the work.

  • Typically, the pre-installation takes less than two hours to complete.
  • Crews will set to work running the fiber from the small in-ground vault situated between you and your neighbor’s home called a “flowerpot” to the side of your home.
  • A small trench will be dug from the flowerpot to the side of your house where it will terminate in a fiber box. The box is usually placed in the same vicinity as your electric meter on the side of your home.

Our crews will work to ensure this line is minimally invasive and will return your landscaping to its original state. In fact, you may not even be able to tell the work ever happened! At the end of this process, you will notice a small box on the side of your home. This is the Network Interface Device (NID). The NID is where the fiber resides and will run directly into your home. To learn more about the preinstallation process, check out our video below.

Watch Our Pre-Install Video!

Your In-Home Installation

To be ready for your in-home installation, make sure that:

Someone 18 years or older will be present for the duration of the installation.

All pets are secured while the technician is in your home.

Please keep access to your crawl space, attic, or basement clear.
Technicians can easily access your exterior fiber connection point to complete the installation. This is the NID that was installed on the side of your home a few days prior.
If you are renting, please notify your Property managers or landlords before your installation.

Installation generally takes two hours. Need to reschedule your appointment? Give us a call at: 970-212-2900.

man with older woman

Where Does The Fiber Come In?

Once your technician arrives, they will evaluate the path to where the ONT, the Optical Network Terminal, will be placed. Think of this as your modem, where your gig service terminates.

If you have a preferred point of entry, please let our technician know. We do recommend pulling the fiber to the most central location in your home, in order to have the best coverage.

The technician may crawl through your attic or crawl space to pull the fiber into your home or business. Please make sure to keep access to these areas clear.

The small fiber cable will be anchored to the side of your home, from the NID, Network Interface Device, to the entry point. We do ask that this fiber not be altered so we are able to provide maintenance in the future.

Setting Up Your Service

Once inside, your technician will set up and connect the ONT, the Optical Network Terminal. Think of this as your modem, where your gig service terminates.

Connexion’s ONT can be enabled for full WIFI service or connected to the wireless router of your choice. If you elect to sign up for our WIFI service, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The best WIFI connection
  • Free concierge-level set up & installation for devices
  • No-charge return visits to set up new devices
  • Free ONT replacement if there are any issues with the WIFI

In-Home Install Video

At the Speed of Light

Once your ONT has been placed in an optimal location, your network connection has been set up and connected to your devices, your technician will run tests to ensure you are receiving gigabit speeds.

You can test your own speed on a Windows or Mac computer, by downloading the desktop app for the most accurate results. A web-based speed testis also available but results may not be as accurate as the App.

Tips for best speeds:

  • When running a speed test, you will typically see speeds around 900 Mbps when you are hardwired to the ONT.
  • Keep in mind that if you are using WIFI instead of a direct connection, the building structure and distance the signal travels to your device will affect your overall internet speeds.
  • A computer that is directly wired to the ONT will reach faster speeds than one with a wireless connection.
  • Finally, your Internet signal may be degraded depending on the age of the device you are using.

If you have questions about your speeds, please call our Technical Support staff at 970-207-7873.

Here is some additional information about you Connexion service or copies of our leave-behind materials.

speed test for internet

You are all set up and ready to start streaming, downloading, and connecting at the speed of light!


Install Survey

We love to hear from our community and neighbors! Let us know how you install process went in our Install Survey. You will receive an email with details after you install.


Still Have Questions?

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