What the FCC’s New Ruling for Expanded Broadband Choice Means for You

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently ruled in a unanimous vote to expand broadband choice amongst renters in multi-unit buildings. What exactly does this ruling mean and how will expanded broadband choice benefit you? Learn more by reading below.

What is the FCC’s new ruling for expanded broadband choice?

On February 15, the Federal Communications Commission announced acts to expand broadband choice amongst renters by closing loopholes that have the potential to allow landlords to take advantage of their tenants. For some time, landlords could enter agreements with broadband providers in which the tenants had no choice but to use the services in line with their building, which often led to higher prices for lower quality internet service. 

With these acts put in place, landlords are prohibited from entering a revenue-sharing agreement with broadband providers. Sale-and-leaseback arrangements, which is when cable providers lease back the wiring installed in a property in order to take away broadband choice from tenants, have been continually prohibited and updated to account for loopholes. Additionally, landlords must be transparent with any marketing arrangements that have been made between the complex and a broadband provider.

What does this mean for you and your home internet?

The FCC is returning renters their right to freedom of broadband choice. This means that no matter what a landlord is offering for broadband services, tenants are able to choose the broadband that best fits their needs and price range. The choice to get cheaper and higher quality internet is now easily accessible for everyone, especially the one-third of Americans who live in multi-unit buildings. 

How does this apply to your business?

As the world has become more digital than ever before, the business applications of the internet are increasing rapidly. Having a fast and reliable internet connection has become a vital part of business processes, from sending emails to managing an online store. Now thanks to the FCC, business owners are able to choose the best business broadband in order for their company to flow smoothly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of having expanded broadband choice?

Obviously, the right to broadband choice is a great advancement, as it allows users to select what is best for their situation. But what are some of the underlying benefits of having expanded broadband choice?

Faster internet speeds

One of the top complaints from tenants of multi-unit buildings is that their internet is slow, which may be due to so many units using wifi and internet from the same broadband provider in a dense area, where the radio frequencies have to “fight” each other for space. 

This could also be due to the landlord paying for the cheapest services, which results in slow internet speeds. By having the choice to become independent from the building, you have the choice to have a much faster connection and loading speeds.

Cheaper Prices

Many landlords went into sale-and-leaseback agreements with broadband providers as it cut their prices and maximized their profits, with the tenants losing out on both quality and price. With the FCC banning these agreements and closing loopholes that have allowed landlords to continue these practices, renters have the choice to choose the best internet option for their budget.   

Better Quality = Better Opportunities

With broadband choice in renter’s hands, they now have the opportunity to ensure they have the best internet quality. With better internet comes more opportunities to use this. From enjoying a family movie night to starting the business of your dreams, a quality internet connection is a helping hand to enjoying a more connected and fulfilling life.

What is a Right of Entry Agreement (ROE)?

If you are looking to install Connexion in your apartment, you will need a Right of Entry Agreement to be signed by the owner or property manager of your apartment complex. A Right of Entry Agreement is a document that the owners of a property sign that allows county or city workers to enter their property. Upon signing, the ROE form grants access to Connexion to install the fiber into your unit so you can get started with your services. Check out our full list of policies and agreements to learn more.

How can you take advantage of this ruling?

Now that this ruling from the FCC has been made, what’s the next step? You have the choice to pick the best broadband for your lifestyle, so go pick it! Not sure where to start? Check out the Fort Collins Connexion broadband service availability in your area to see what options are available and best for you.

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