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Our Customers Love Connexion!

Connexion service was established to ensure that all residents and businesses have access to the service they need today and tomorrow. Connexion is future-proofed to support all of our community’s needs, both known and unknown. Be ready for tomorrow’s innovations and opportunities, switch to Connexion today!

I absolutely LOVE Connexion! The speed is incredible and the staff from Technicians to Customer Service is top notch!

– Native FTC

Connexion is so reliable and fast! My previous provider’s infrastructure was above ground and not fiber and would go down almost daily, depending on wind and other weather factors. I don’t know much about officially measuring speed, but with multiple devices using the internet in my home, we have not experienced any issues.

– Amy

I had been having issues with connectivity, and it turned out my tower was faulty. Connexion literally had someone out the next day to replace the modem, and I have had perfect service. They showed up on time (10 min early, even!), and were finished in 30 min. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering making the jump, if not for the price, based on the customer service!

– Andrew A.

Their customer service is top notch and I’ve been extremely satisfied with my service so far. Jenny was super friendly when I called to get service setup!

– Kyle H.

If you are looking for high speed internet and live in their service area this is a bargain. Nothing but good things to say about them from start to finish.

– Matthew T.

I’ve been using Connexion for over a year now and couldn’t be happier. The speed and reliability is great and if you need help there are local people on the other end of the phone that really know their stuff. Last night I had an issue with my connection and Connexion got someone out this afternoon on a Saturday and took care of the issue.

– Ken S.

Great price, speed and service. 500 gig up/down on Wi-Fi. $60/month. My system went down and within 24 hours a full team of friendly, competent city workers were at my house fixing the problem. They solved it and were transparent about it all.

– Alex P.

Connexion reps in both customer service and tech support picked up the phone and answered my questions today without a bunch of me repeating my account information and phone menus to go through. They are friendly, and sincere. Thanks guys!!!

– T. V.

If Connexion is available in your area, for sure get it. It is faster and cheaper internet than xfinity/comcast provides. Connexion is city run and everything is really transparent and straightforward.

– Emily W.

Best customer service ever! Amazing service and speeds. Extremely reliable.

– Abiah S.

Love being able to have a fast, reliable municipal option compared to existing terrible ISP’s which lock down whole areas as the only provider.

– Brandon J.

My husband and I both work at home and needed reliable, fast internet so we switched from Comcast. It’s amazing that we can be on video calls and downloading massive datasets at the same time without even noticing a change in speed. More importantly though is the service. Every interaction we’ve had with technicians has been wonderful. They have been professional and helpful, provided tips to help us increase speed and reliability (even where to buy most reliable, cheapest routers). It’s left me stunned that for so long we just accepted poor customer service as something that had to be endured.

– Amber C. R.

Had the internet service for about 2 years. Amazing speeds and great price. Never had any down time and the technical customer service was fantastic when I wanted to set my ONT to pass through for my at home network.

– Brandon B.

I had the pleasure with speaking with Jenne from the Fort Collins Utility Customer Support staff. She was super helpful in going over the options for the small business plans. Looking forward to using the City of Fort Collins for my primary ISP.

– Edward F.

The customer service that they provide is excellent! And it’s so nice to be able to talk to someone local. Internet and TV are great! I highly recommend their services.

– Megan E.

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