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Your business demands scalable, cost effective solutions built for the future. Whether you have multiple locations, growing usage or require enhanced services, Connexion Professional and Enterprise solutions will help you maintain connectivity and increase productivity.

Your Business Depends on the Internet,
You Can Depend on Connexion

Connexion was designed and engineered to ensure your business is always ready, even in the worst case. Diverse “telecommunication huts” are located through the City, each equipped with the hardware and connectivity to keep you online and running in an emergency.

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Redundant Services

Connexion’s services and network are designed to maximize performance and reliability to support Enterprise-level needs. Connexion utilizes a fully redundant core network design at geo-diverse locations within the city for its ultra-low latency, all-fiber network. All Connexion Internet services take advantage of multiple, redundant, independent Tier 1 carriers following separate geo-diverse fiber paths with scalable speeds up to 100 Gbps. Talk to our business consultants about how Connexion can build a solid foundation for your business needs.

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Virtual Network

Connexion can provide direct, Layer 2 Transport or “VLAN” services to provide faster, more secure access between your diverse business locations on the Connexion network. Connexion VLAN services provide a seamless connection from one location to another – almost like being under the same roof.

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Business Telephone Service

Reliable phone service is critical for your day-to day-operations. Our voice solutions provide the right technology to keep your workforce productive and your business connected to your customers, vendors, and partners – dependably and on-budget.

From Digital SIP to Hosted PBX, Connexion Professional Voice has the Enterprise-grade communications solutions to keep you focused on the business growth and development that matters most.

Service Level Agreements

Connexion offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to guarantee network uptime and availability for business customers.

Connexion is committed to maintaining 99.9% uptime and responding to service requests within an hour, ensuring repairs to restore service will be initiated within four hours of the service request. We’re not okay with outages, and you shouldn’t be either. Our focus on customer service means that when/if they happen, they are short-lived, and you are kept in the communication loop so you can plan accordingly. It’s not uncommon for our proactive Connexion team to arrive to fix an issue before the customer is even aware one exists!

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