The Best Internet for Your Tenants

Make your property stand out from the rest with the fast, reliable Connexion broadband service. Future-proof your property with fiber internet to attract and retain occupants. Fiber not only attracts and retains occupants, it is proven to increase property values.

We make it easy for you and your tenants to access Connexion:
Upon signing a “Right of Entry agreement” (ROE), Connexion is able to bring fiber from the street to your space. Once signed, Connexion technicians develop a plan to bring our fiber and service to your building. Interested tenants can then sign up for Connexion gigabit service.

Connexion will also work with your MDU on a bulk purchase package to fit your expected user size. This can give the property manager/HOA/owner a competitive advantage when seeking renters by offering discounted or even complimentary internet service. In these cases, Connexion provides each unit direct customer support. Give your property a leg up with Connexion’s gigabit internet service!

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