Fiber Optic Business Plans Tailored for Success

Fort Collins Connexion’s fiber optic business plans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for the success of a business, and the same is true for a business’s internet needs. 

Connexion exists for the growth and prosperity of Fort Collins which means we are committed to the success of each and every business in the community. Our fiber optic business plans are tailored to what each individual company needs, and leaves out what they don’t. Whether you’re a small business or a business with great ambitions for growth, we can help you succeed! Here’s how.

For Small Businesses 

When it comes to small businesses, every little thing counts. Whether your business practices are standardized and straightforward or variable and a bit more ad-libbed, having fast and reliable internet increases a small team’s efficiency. 

Plus, our fiber-optic business plans will help your bottom line. Less downtime, fewer loading-screen distractions, and more opportunities to move seamlessly through processes. The best internet available is a must for success.

For Growing Businesses

Growing your business requires a future-focused mindset and a stable foundation that provides support as your team stretches and evolves. Because Connexion was designed for the success and growth of your business, our services are future-proofed and scalable. 

This means that no matter where you are on your company’s growth trajectory, Connexion’s fiber optic business plans strengthen your foundation. A stronger foundation provides your team with the best tools as they grow and flourish.

For Every Component of Business 

No matter the size or trajectory of your business, quality and reliable internet is essential. Here’s how Connexion achieves this.


Our fiber-optic business plans provide symmetrical speeds for your business. Speedy downloads and equally speedy uploads allow you to spend less time waiting on the internet and more time getting things done.

With our symmetrical speeds, your team will be able to collaborate more efficiently. With everything from file sharing to zoom calls, Connexion helps your team be all that it can be.


The infrastructure of Connexion’s fiber-optic network utilizes multiple, independent Tier 1 carriers. (Tier 1 = no fees because they own and operate them) These carriers follow separate geo-diverse fiber paths throughout the city, creating a fully redundant network.

A redundant network is ideal and designed with dependability in mind. Should issues arise along one of the fiber-optic paths, your service will move along another route while repairs are being made, and remain free from interruption. 


When those issues do in fact arise, and they may, Connexion offers service-level agreements that guarantee network uptime and availability for our business customers. In other words, we are committed to maintaining 99.99% service availability and responding within an hour to service requests should interruptions occur.

We work with urgency when it comes to service availability for our customers.  It’s not uncommon for our proactive team to arrive to fix an issue before the customer is even aware one exists!

Fiber Optic Business Plans for Our Community 

At Connexion, we don’t think your business should have to deal with subpar internet service. We created our fiber-optic business plans with your business in mind, equipping your team with the best service so they can accomplish their best work. We care about your business’s internet because it’s our internet, too.

Learn more about how Connexion can help your business thrive. Eager to uncover your business’s untapped potential? Contact us for a custom quote and together we’ll unleash your business to be all that it can be.

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