How to Watch the Avalanche Game with Connexion

If you’re a Fort Collins resident wondering how to watch the Avalanche game, then you’re in luck. Connexion’s high-speed internet frees you to enjoy more than just smooth internet browsing and low-latency gaming. With symmetrical 1-gig speeds, streaming your favorite content is easier than ever, and that includes watching your favorite hockey team.

You might be wondering, though, how a municipal internet company could be the solution for how to watch the Avalanche game. Simply put: it’s 2023, streaming is king, and high-speed internet makes for smooth streaming. Today’s content consumers have little time for scheduled programming, and streaming services are playing into that reality. 

But what about sporting events or daytime television? Aren’t people with such little time for scheduled programming wondering how they can watch the Avalanche game? When it comes down to it, folks will make time for the programming they love. And in this modern streaming world, it’s more convenient and easier than ever to watch the content you love.

The New Television Reality

The Connexion vision for Fort Collins is one of greatness. The internet has grown tremendously in the last 30-plus years, becoming so much more than a small network of scholastic computers. More than ever, the internet weaves through the fabric of our daily lives. Fiber optic internet is the backbone of that modern reality, and Connexion’s aim continues to work to establish a solid technological backbone for our community.

With the infrastructure Connexion has established for the city of Fort Collins, the future is ripe for the taking. As of July 2022, streaming officially overtook traditional cable services in popularity, with broadcast sports viewing posting a substantial decline, falling 41% from June and 43% year-over-year. (Barrons)

With Connexion’s high-speed internet, this streaming transition will be a smooth one. And as for how to watch the Avalanche game? We’ve got a tool for that.

Meet MyBundle.TV

Of the reasons for the notable transition away from traditional cable TV, price tags fall at the top of the list. It’s become unjustifiable to pay high monthly costs for TV packages when all you’re really looking for is where to watch the Avalanche game.

Connexion partnered with MyBundle.TV so locals can get exactly what they want and none of what they don’t at prices that make sense. In other words, with MyBundle.TV, you can create a TV streaming package filled with only the content you’ll actually watch.

This tool makes it easy to catch the Avalanche game – or any sporting event for that matter. With a simple search tool and loads of personalized recommendations, you’re free to stream whatever content you desire.

It really is that easy – have a look for yourself.

A Beautiful Streaming Union

This partnership really is a beautiful thing. Connexion is made better by the limitless streaming options available with MyBundle.TV. In turn, every MyBundle.TV experience will be fast and reliable thanks to Connexion’s high-speed internet. Here are a few ways streaming is made better with Connexion.

Smoother internet experience. Higher thresholds in bandwidth make for a distraction-free streaming experience. No hiccups. No loading bars. No more missed plays.

More efficient storage. Download your favorite streamed content and easily retrieve it after the final buzzer beater.

Minimal latency effects. Put another way – less lag. Witness every mitts-off skirmish, every save, and every shootout in real time.

Improved video quality. Gone are those pixelated hockey player shapes. With crystal clarity, you’ll feel like you’re sitting center ice.

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Connexion is How to Watch the Avalanche Game

Streaming is the new TV reality, and with Connexion and MyBundle.TV, that reality is wildly achievable for all of Fort Collins. Don’t spend another day wondering how to watch the Avalanche game. Get the live TV you love and never miss another second of your favorite content. Click the link below to get started today!

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