Take Your TV Everywhere!

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your favorite device.

Connexion’s TV Everywhere gives you the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want – even when you’re away from your TV or home on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Your Channels Whenever…Wherever.

TV Everywhere is free for Connexion’s residential TV customers, providing you with a streaming option for the channels you subscribe to at home, wherever you are. To enjoy even more channels with Connexion TV, at home or “Everywhere,” call a Connexion representative at 970-212-2900 to upgrade or adjust your TV package.

Learn More with the TV Everywhere FAQs

What is TV Everywhere?

TV Everywhere is an authenticated video streaming on-demand platform available to Connexion residential television customers. Connexion TV Everywhere lets you access TV programs from network websites online using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Do I have to register for TV Everywhere?

Connexion TV customers will need to register HERE for the service and some networks/channels may also ask you to register with their site and link your account to your TV provider’s account.

Why should I sign up for TV Everywhere?

Because you can watch your TV programming anywhere and everywhere you are! TV Everywhere gives you access to your favorite channels – you just need internet and a streaming device!

How is TV Everywhere different from something like Hulu or Netflix?

Connexion TV Everywhere is free with a residential Connexion TV package giving you access to more content from past seasons of your favorite series, live tv programming, movies and more!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! There is no cost for Connexion TV Everywhere is free for all Connexion TV subscribers.

Where can I access TV Everywhere?

Almost everywhere! Connexion TV Everywhere works anywhere you can receive an internet signal: at home, your local coffee shop, a hotel, the airport, vacation home, and more.

How do I start using TV Everywhere?

Click on the “Create a Connexion TV Everywhere Account” button at the top of this page. You may also go to www.wtve.net directly on a browser. You will need your Fort Collins Connexion account number to register which is found at the top of your monthly paper bill or can be found on the online billing portal. You can also call our customer care team at 970-212-2900 for assistance.

Using the drop-down list, “Select Your Provider,” Fort Collins Connexion. From there, click on “Register” at the top left, complete the fields and click Register at the bottom. NOTE: The account number needs to be keyed in exactly as it is listed on your monthly Connexion bill, with dashes (i.e.: 00012345-6).

Upon clicking register, you will receive a ”Connexion TV Everywhere activation link” in your email Inbox. Click on the link to complete the registration process and be directed back to the watchtveverywhere website.

You can now log in using the credentials you just created and watch Connexion TV Everywhere! Click on the network logo you wish to stream, or find channels using the search feature.

Which devices can I use?

Most internet-enabled devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) coupled with your TV Everywhere credentials allows you to watch programming on network websites and apps. Many networks are also available using devices like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and XBox. However, some TV networks have not made all their programs available on all platforms.

Reach out to Connexion customer service if you are having trouble accessing a network website or app that should have access to.

How many different devices can I use?

The number of devices that can log into the same account will vary by TV network. For example: Turner Broadcasting, which includes Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies and CNN among other networks, allows five.
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