The Value of Reverse 911 and E911 for Your Landline Phone Plan

With the technological revolution of cell phones, some might consider landlines obsolete. However, this is not the case, especially in terms of your safety. With features such as reverse 911 and e911 embedded into Connexion’s phone plans, we are keeping your safety and well-being as a top priority, along with giving you the benefits of excellent phone services. Learn more about how reverse 911 and e911 can be of value to you and your phone plan.

Phone with emergency cross speech bubble signaling reverse 911.

What is Reverse 911 and E911?

As you know, 911 is the emergency number for the United States, used to call in an emergency situation. Some lesser-known tools for safety in your phone include reverse 911 and e911. Reverse 911 is an emergency alert system that sends out messages to get vital life-saving information to the public quickly and efficiently. Larimer County utilizes reverse 911 calls to send out important information such as Amber Alerts and mandatory evacuations. With Connexion’s phone plan, you would automatically receive reverse 911 calls that are directed to your area.

E911, also known as Enhanced 911, is an enhanced version of the 911 system in which calls are routed to the nearest local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), automatically giving the station your location so emergency responders can get to you as soon as possible. These moments saved can be of the utmost importance in an emergency situation, since every second counts. This is also a very useful tool for circumstances in which you are not able to communicate your location to the dispatcher.

Connexion’s Commitment to Safety and Quality

Both reverse 911 and e911 are very useful and potentially life-saving services. That is why Connexion is committed to all customers getting the resources they need in order to feel as safe and cared for as possible. All of our phone plans include reverse 911 and e911 services, as well as quality phone service for your recreational or business needs. Check your service availability today to ensure your safety and get the highest quality value out of your phone service.

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