Fort Collins Connexion Wins Coloradoan’s Best Internet in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Connexion was recently voted the Coloradoan’s 2021 Best of Fort Collins for Internet Service Provider. This is a major win for the municipal broadband utility, which has been expanding its services and presence in Fort Collins over the past few years. The Coloradoan’s choice of best internet service is based on a variety of factors, including price, speed, and customer satisfaction. Fort Collins Connexion was praised for its customer service, speed, and affordability.

What is Fort Collins Connexion? 

Connexion is a municipal broadband utility that was created for the people of Fort Collins, by the people of Fort Collins. Our main purpose is to improve life and business in our beloved city by providing better, more affordable internet.

We have made a significant investment in building out a 100% fiber network. This allows us to offer cutting-edge services and future-proof our community.

Even before working from home was the norm, the City of Fort Collins recognized that traditional ISPs were not providing residents with the bandwidth they needed to thrive in the 21st-century economy. In 2015, the City began exploring options to meet the needs of its residents with the following goals:

  • -To provide its citizens with access to reliable, high-speed internet
  • -To create an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship
  • -To support the growth of businesses in Fort Collins


Fort Collins Connexion’s Features and Benefits

So what sets Fort Collins Connexion apart from traditional internet service providers (ISPs)?

Fort Collins Connexion provides the fastest speeds, up to 10 gigabits, to power all of your technology and smart devices. Surf, stream, and share without limits on Connexion – no throttling speeds or arbitrary data caps. Connect all the devices in your home without worrying about performance challenges or overage charges.

Built for the Community, by the Community

Connexions provides a unique and better broadband service, which is owned and operated by the City of Fort Collins. Our residents and businesses asked for better internet service, so we proudly offer this service to help bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone in our community is connected.

Unmatched Reliability

At Fort Collins Connexion, we provide customers with unparalleled reliability and symmetrical service that is just as fast for uploading as it is for downloading. Our high-speed fiber network offers residents of Fort Collins an internet service that will meet their needs now and in the future. 

A Platform for Growth

Providing a platform for growth and innovation is essential for aligning with a community’s needs. Connexion’s speed and reliability allow businesses to grow, bringing more businesses to our community and creating more jobs for our community members.

Customer-First Policies

There are no data caps, overage fees, or long-term contracts with Connexion. We believe that as the internet and connectivity become more integral to our daily lives, internet service shouldn’t come with an extra fee. Your data and history are 100% private with us; we will never sell customer information to a third party.

Consistent Value

At Connexion, we don’t believe in bait-and-switch pricing or promotional offers. Our prices are always affordable so that our City can continue to thrive and innovate. Your investment in Connexion is an investment in the future of innovation for our community.

Better, Local Service

We are a Fort Collins-based company, so our customer service and technical support teams are your neighbors right here in Fort Collins!


How to get started with Fort Collins Connexion 

There are two ways to get Connexion’s 100% fiber-optic internet into your home and/or business in Fort Collins.

If you are in a serviceable area: Use this portal to sign up for Connexion service, select your packages, and schedule installation – or call us for assistance at 970-212-2900.

If you are not in a serviceable area, we don’t want you to miss out on the best internet in Fort Collins. Visit our address lookup tool to find out if and when Connexion is available in your area! Click here.

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