Connexion: Your Local Landline Service

Looking for a Landline Service Near You?

When it comes to selecting a landline service provider, undoubtedly you will have many options. You can select a local landline service provider like Connexion, a provider who cares about your service, because it’s their service too, or you could go with any number of big box companies with promotional pricing and rate hikes. It seems like the choice is clear, but how can you be sure?

The Clear Choice

Connexion proudly does more than exquisite internet service. A community-worth of reviews confirms the excellency of Connexion’s phone service. It’s believed that the local option is the best option, and even if Connexion were more expensive than its competitors — it’s cheaper — most say they would still choose the local option. 

Why Choose a Local Landline Service?

We’ve all heard and seen a push for local business, for many, though, it’s a wonder why. You can find an exhaustive list of local-focused benefits here. In the meantime, here are a few reasons why it’s a big deal:

Support Local. Buying local keeps your money local which in turn supports your local economy. Local businesses often use other local businesses, like banks and service providers. 

Go Green. Local business boasts a much smaller carbon footprint than big companies. Buying local is not only good for your city, but it’s also good for your environment.

For Your Community. A local business will share in its community’s values, often propelling those values and donating to their flourishing. They’re your neighbors, and they care about you and your community.

Local Outreach. Speaking of donating, local businesses regularly participate in philanthropic activities in their community, drawing locals to their product or service, which spurs more outreach. It’s a cycle.

Enough About Local

Now that we are clear on the value of local, let’s consider the options. All of the big names you’ll consider for your phone service offer similar services to those offered by Connexion. At this point, you’re just thinking about the cost. Well, Connexion offers these services at a lower price point. Period. Take a look at this comparison to see for yourself. There’s no bait-and-switch, and the prices stay the same for the good of the city.

Choosing Connexion

Connexion is a company with an enormous heart for Fort Collins and its people. They have a track record that confirms it’s true. A local company that’s in the city, for the city. Contact Connexion today to learn more about their affordable options. Support local.

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