Optimizing Your Family’s Internet Experience in Fort Collins

The Pivotal Role of the Internet for Today’s Tech-Savvy Family

Having high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity– especially for families. 

Gone are the days when kids completed all their homework with pen and paper, or read solely from books, and when parents worked exclusively in person. Today, we live in a world with limited bandwidth, where the average internet service provider often falls short.

Choosing a new internet provider can be overwhelming due to the multitude of options and hidden fees. To simplify this process, we have outlined various internet providers in Fort Collins, highlighting the advantages of selecting a local provider like Fort Collins Connexion.

Why Should Your Family Suffer From Slow Internet? 

Most people have become complacent with their current internet speed.

Experiencing lag on Zoom calls, slow buffering while streaming, and sluggish load times when browsing the internet are all far too common in the average household. 

But why should you and your family suffer from slow internet if you don’t have to? 

At Connexion, we believe that settling for slow internet speeds is unnecessary. More than that, you should expect high-speed internet every day.

Navigating the Web of Choices: Internet Options in Fort Collins

Whether you’ve recently moved to Fort Collins or have been a resident for years, there comes a time when you need to assess the internet providers in your area.

The multiple choices, packages, and covert costs thrown at you by various providers can make the task of selecting the most suitable one quite daunting. Prioritizing transparency and affordability, we are committed to guaranteeing that Fort Collins residents receive their desired services without burning a hole in their pockets.

To help you with this decision, we’ve created an infographic that compares top competitors’ services in Fort Collins with Connexion’s services.

Graphic that reads: True value for TV, Internet & Phone Bundles in Fort Collins

*promotional pricing likely to change at contract renewal
(prices of bundles were calculated for 1 Gig Internet on current promotional prices)

Don’t Be Fooled By Promotional Pricing

At first glance, prices appear fairly similar amongst providers. However, in the long run, this is not the case.

Prices initially look the same or similar due to promotional pricing, which is a marketing technique where the price of a product is reduced for a short period to build customer loyalty and swell sales volume, and then increased later on. 

Xfinity, DirecTV, and Dish all use promotional pricing strategies in order to gain initial customers, but discredits their long-term value as the prices increase dramatically for customers after the promotional period has ended.

This common practice is why Connexion has taken a pledge to never have promotional pricing and to be transparent with our pricing at all times, so our customers can actually know what they are signing up for. This also makes our value better in the long run, as you know that your bill will not increase.

If you are looking for more information on how to accurately compare the value of different internet services, check out our blog: The True Value of TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles Amongst Competitors in Fort Collins

Meet Connexion: Your Ally for High-Speed, Reliable Internet

Let us introduce you to Connexion—your local champion for reliable, high-speed internet service. 

Our team understands the unique demands of today’s tech-savvy families, and our service is carefully designed with those needs in mind.

A family sitting in the living room together, watching TV. They are also using their phones, tablets, and a laptop.

Here are a few ways we help families stay connected: 

  • While traditional ISPs employ “data caps,” Connexion puts NO LIMITS on how much data you can use.
  • Connexion doesn’t charge for “excessive usage” as we’ve built a network to allow each subscriber to use as much bandwidth as needed, without interruption or degradation of service.
  • Connexion does not have promotional pricing – your rate is transparent at all times, with communication in advance of any changes.
  • Fort Collins doesn’t require a long-term contract or commitment. We recognize that we need to earn your business each and every day.
  • We won’t “throttle” your speeds, ever.
  • Connexion will never sell your information to a third party. Your data is 100% private.
  • When you call customer service, you’re calling right here in Fort Collins. Our install and service teams are and will remain local.

To help you better understand the difference Connexion can make, imagine this: It’s a typical evening at home. Multiple devices are connected—smart TVs streaming movies, laptops downloading large work files, tablets being used for distance learning, and smartphones being used for video calls. Despite all this, the internet connection remains stable and lightning-fast. This reliable and consistent experience is what Connexion brings to the table.

On the flip side, consider a home without Connexion. The internet speed fluctuates widely. An important work call drops at the most inopportune moment. The latest episode of your favorite show buffers just as the suspense is building. These everyday inconveniences can be a common reality without a dependable service provider.

Time to Make the Switch: Choose Fast, Reliable Internet with Connexion

At Connexion, we’re not just another ISP. We’re your neighbors, committed to providing you with a reliable, transparent, and superior internet service, adding to our shared sense of community pride. 

Make the switch to Connexion today, and elevate your family’s internet experience.

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