Are Internet and Phone Bundles Worth It?

There’s simply no question about it – internet and phone bundles save you money. Bundling just about anything will save you money. That is, of course, if you have a need for all the components of the bundle. Additionally, those savings can seem a lot less valuable if you’re unaware of the costs of forgoing bundled deals.

Take avocados, for instance. Imagine you see a sign stating you can get 5 for $2.50. That bundled deal becomes a lot more enticing if you notice the small print beneath it – “Or 1 for $.60.” All of a sudden you realize you’d basically be getting an avocado for free, and free avocados taste delicious.

Do you need 5 avocados? Maybe not. But the big game is coming up, and you make a mean guacamole. It’s about value. Getting products and services at a discounted rate is incredibly valuable if you have need for all parts of the bundle. That basic economic principle is something we have a firm understanding of at Fort Collins Connexion.

Keeping Value in Mind

Part of our work in providing the highest quality internet and phone services for our community is providing them at an affordable rate. While we maintain competitive prices for single services, our internet and phone bundles are where the greatest savings can be found.

Save More When You Bundle

Home Connexion Preferred Voice

Unlimited Local Calling

Access to e911

Standard Feature Set Including Voicemail, Call Waiting & More


per month

Home Connexion 1 Gig Internet

Symmetrical 1 Gig Upload/Download Speeds

10 Email Accounts


per month

Internet + Phone Bundle

All the Great Features Above Plus Savings


per month
$120 in Annual Savings
* Price does not include taxes & fees

Bundling With Connexion

Fort Collins Connexion was created with our community in mind. We set out to provide the latest and greatest technology for our community and to provide it at affordable prices. If you’re paying for phone and internet services separately, then you’re simply spending more than you need to be. Let Connexion save you money!

We’ve put together a host of options for internet and phone bundles. Here are some of our most popular. Don’t see an option you like? We aim to provide the services you need. Contact us today and we’ll find the bundle that best suits you and saves you money overall.

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