Local Internet Services for Our City

No matter your internet needs, local internet services are always ideal. Local internet services, provided by a local company, ensures one thing above all else – they’re driven by locals. As obvious as that seems, it cannot be understated. In large part, this is the foundation Fort Collins Connexion was built upon. 

In response to a call for accessible and dependable internet services, to combat the screaming heights of costs and the drooling lows in service from big companies, Connexion was birthed. We’re the local internet services beckoned for, built by, and for the people of our community. Now that we’re here, we’ll settle for nothing less than the absolute best internet service for our city. Period.

Local Internet Services for Homes and Businesses

We talk a lot about how our local internet services can improve the quality of home internet for the people of Fort Collins. And it can. Fiber-optic broadband internet is the best internet technology available today, and it’s completely available for the whole of our city limits.

But, perhaps not spoken of enough, those same incredibly fast and reliable local internet services are available for our city’s businesses. Connexion was designed to see our city grow and thrive – our businesses are a huge part of that. Our business services weren’t an afterthought but rather were at the forefront of our objectives in creating a brighter future for the City of Fort Collins.

Available for home and business, Connexion’s local internet services are the best option available. This isn’t true simply because there are no other quality options – there are, in fact, other quality options. From the technology to the support to the wide availability, there’s a lot that sets Connexion apart.

The Best Internet for Homes

Depending on how you use your home internet, you’ll maintain a particular standard for the local internet services to which you subscribe. Connexion offers fiber-optic, symmetrical 1 gig residential internet service that’s sure to fulfill your grandest internet needs. There’s a lot to be said about fiber-optic technology (read: How Does Fiber-Optic Internet Work), but what you need to know is that it will drastically improve your internet quality.

Those spinning loading wheels interrupting movie date night? A thing of the past. Cutting out on zoom calls amidst your work-from-home reality? No more. Choppy connections ruining the delivery of your child’s story for grandma on the other end of facetime? Forget about it. Even with a house full of internet users logged into their favorite bandwidth-absorbing devices at once, fiber-optic delivers quality.

The Best Internet for Businesses

The same internet technology that’s revolutionizing internet use in residences across Fort Collins is transforming our businesses, too. It’s from a firm and dependable foundation that businesses can catapult to success. With Connexion’s business services, foundations have been strengthened for companies big and small. (read: Fiber-Optic Business Plans Tailored for Success)

Amongst the myriad of demands and moving parts associated with running a business, living with the dread that comes with unreliable internet is the last thing our city’s businesses need. We aim to see our city grow, and whether a local business aims to grow 5% or 200%, with that growth will come the necessity for technological infrastructure improvements. 

At Connexion, we understand this urgency, which is why we’ve gone to such lengths to ensure our local businesses have the most advanced internet technology available. “Broadband is the culmination of all the technologies we’ve been developing for years now enabled with the fastest speeds — a technological revolution that could have a profound impact on our lives.” (Forbes) It’s important to our businesses, so it’s important to us.

Benefits for Homes and Businesses Alike

How exactly can Connexion’s local internet services foster such widespread improvements such as we’ve mentioned here? It can at times seem like magic. But rest assured, our confidence is rooted in the dependability of years of technological research and development. 

Fiber-optic internet has reinvented the internet game. We discuss at greater length the wonder of fiber-optic internet in this blog, but to spare you the extra clicking and loading time, here’s a brief overview.

Fiber-optic technology transfers tiny bits of data on the backs of tiny light particles through bundles of smaller-than-hair-sized strands of glass. These bundles are protected by sheaths of plastic and can carry data farther distances, at faster speeds, and with more clarity than cable. This technology offers symmetrical speeds – equal uploads and downloads – typically in the range of 1,000 Mbps. That’s fast.

Connexion Offers Dependable Local Internet Services

When our community made it clear that their priority was accessible and dependable internet, we made it our priority, too. It became our mission to provide local internet services that would propel our community into the future, and we’ve done it. 

Now, thanks to Fort Collins Connexion, the future of the internet is here and ripe for the taking. Unleash the near limitless possibilities for your home or business made possible by our local internet services. Learn more about our residential internet services and our business internet services, and let’s discover what our city is capable of.

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