Connexion is Now Available in Your Area

Faster, Better, Affordable, and Local

Fort Collins Connexion’s symmetrical gigabit service will change the way you and your family use the internet. By utilizing “symmetrical speeds” with the same speed for uploads as downloads, Connexion offers the fastest service available. Spotty or lagging service is a thing of the past, no matter how many devices you have running at once.

With Connexion, you can use the internet and its countless solutions and applications, efficiently and affordably.

Do More with Connexion Internet

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Upload and download speeds that make file sharing and streaming a breeze. Better streaming allows you to watch what you want when you want it. Connexion’s speed makes “cord-cutting” easy!

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Cloud computing lets you quickly download files and applications as well as store files and backup your system just as fast and efficiently as opening and sharing files locally.

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Low latencies for better gaming so you can dominate your opponents with internet service that gives you an edge, eliminating delays between gaming controls and on-screen action.
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Crystal clear communications allowing you to Zoom, FaceTime, and more with the highest definition video and absolutely no freezing, delays, or dropouts.

Explore Residential Services

Fort Collins Connexion offers your family a better option for internet, TV, and phone services and is delivered with integrity and reliability, all while keeping your dollars in Fort Collins.

Community-driven and community-owned, Connexion is your network. Only Connexion delivers gigabit-speed fiber internet, local tv, and home phone service to fit your needs with transparent pricing and no long-term contracts.

Fort Collins’ Digital Inclusion Program

Our Digital Inclusion Program allows us to provide service to our entire community by ensuring income-qualified residents receive the same gigabit-speed internet at a reduced rate. Learn More.


Do you live in or manage a community HOA? Capitlize on the value gigabit-speed internet provides and make sure your entire community gets access to Connexion. Learn More.


Do you own a rental property, manage an MDU or are you currently developing MDUs in Fort Collins? Distinguish your rental property by making sure your residents have access to the most affordable and reliable internet in Fort Collins. Learn More.

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