Future-Proof Your Rental Business with Community Internet in Fort Collins

With technology rapidly changing, the role of internet connectivity in shaping communities cannot be overstated. For Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) owners in Fort Collins, the decision to upgrade to superior internet service is not just about meeting tenant demands but also about future-proofing their rental business and enhancing community living. Enter Connexion, Fort Collins’ very own municipal broadband utility, created by and for our community to revolutionize internet access. Let’s delve into how embracing community internet in Fort Collins can transform MDU ownership and enrich the lives of residents.

Customer Story: Tina’s Journey to Seamless Connectivity

Tina, a recent Connexion customer and buyer for Sierra, juggles work responsibilities while managing a bustling household. Working from home demands uninterrupted connectivity for team collaborations and virtual meetings, often with colleagues located around the world.

With the family’s old internet service failing to keep up with the demands of multiple users and devices, Tina made the switch to Connexion. The result? Seamless connectivity that empowers her to work efficiently while her family enjoys uninterrupted streaming and gaming!

Tina’s story underscores the transformative impact of reliable internet service on daily life:

“We’ve really not experienced any delays or loading times and I could be, you know, streaming music while I’m working upstairs, while they’re streaming movies downstairs and my son’s on his tablet, playing video games…I have excellent service. No regrets.”


How Investing in Fiber Internet Impacts MDU Owners

MDU owners are constantly seeking ways to enhance property value and tenant satisfaction. Upgrading to fiber internet offers a multitude of benefits:

Increased Property Value

Properties equipped with fiber-optic internet infrastructure are highly desirable to tenants, leading to higher occupancy rates and increased property value. With many people now working from home, the demand for more reliable, fast internet service has increased and is often on a tenant’s “must-have” checklist when looking for a new residence.

Tenant Retention

Reliable internet service is also a key factor in tenant satisfaction and retention. By providing high-speed connectivity, MDU owners can reduce turnover and maintain a stable rental income stream. Future and current tenants will enjoy the convenience of a pre-installed network, ready to activate upon move-in, as opposed to scheduling their own installations or battling for broadband access.

Future-Proofing Investments

Fiber-optic internet is considered a future-proof technology, capable of meeting the growing demands of tenants for years to come. MDU owners can avoid frequent infrastructure upgrades and demonstrate a commitment to providing top-notch amenities. 

Addressing MDU Owner Concerns

MDU owners may have concerns regarding the implementation of fiber internet. However, offering high-speed fiber internet can easily alleviate these worries:

  • Minimal Technical Hassles: Connexion handles equipment installation and provides comprehensive support, minimizing technical issues and ensuring a hassle-free experience for MDU owners. Our support team is not only local but also available 24/7 for tech issues that may arise.
  • Lucrative Investment: While initial investment may seem daunting, offering fiber internet can generate significant revenue and enhance the overall value of the property. Connexion will also work with your MDU on a bulk purchase package to fit your expected user size. This can give the property manager/HOA/owner a competitive advantage when seeking renters by offering discounted or even complimentary internet service. In these cases, Connexion provides each unit with direct customer support.
  • Privacy and Security: At Fort Collins Connexion, user privacy is treated as a fundamental right. Unlike other ISPs that view personal data as a commodity, Fort Collins Connexion never sells or shares browsing data with third parties. Online activities remain confidential and secure, giving your tenants peace of mind and complete control over their personal information.

Making the Switch to Connexion

We make it easy for you and your tenants to access fiber internet! Upon signing a “Right of Entry agreement” (ROE), Connexion technicians develop a plan to bring our fiber and service to your building. Interested tenants can then sign up for Connexion gigabit service.

With Connexion’s high-speed 1 Gig fiber internet and groundbreaking 2 Gig internet service, MDU owners have the opportunity to elevate their rental business and provide residents with unparalleled connectivity. 

Future-proof your property, increase revenue, and enhance tenant satisfaction by embracing community internet in Fort Collins. Make the switch to Connexion today and join us in building a connected and thriving community for the future.

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